Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday 7.22: Return of the Create Your Own Coupon

DiscoVision has been setting up at The Davis Flea for the past few weeks (see "about" tab for directions).  It's been hot, but lots of fun.  After some trial and error we have figured out how to bring nearly ALL of our inventory to Somerville on Sundays.

We've noticed quite a few of our regulars showing up at Davis too, thanks!  If you haven't made it by, check it out; there is live music, great donuts and of course us!

A few months back we had a "Create Your Own Coupon"  special one Friday evening.  It was pretty awesome seeing a line of customers waiting for us on arrival.  As another thanks to our regulars we're going to do it again!

This is the Deal:

You make a coupon, any which way that you like, and it is valid for $5 off any purchase of $20 or more. It can be used on anything at DiscoVision Vintage, games, records, cowboy boots, knick knacks, etc.

This coupon can only be used on Sunday 7.22.12 at our Davis Flea setup.  There is a limit of one per customer, customers must be human, your Shih Tzu cannot use a coupon to buy a Polaroid camera, sorry. Oh, and as Columbo would say "just one more thing"  the maker of the snazziest coupon will get a $20 DiscoVision store credit. (snazziest coupon award will be judged by the Super Wiley 'O' Brothers cat Birdy)