Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sunday 12.29 Old School Game Show Holiday Special - High Energy Holiday Dance Party

Holiday Hours

Off topic, but important! In case you missed the last post, we will be closed December 25, 26, 27.  DO NOT come to the store on these days,do not be afraid, do not look at it, do not mention it!

Old School Game Show Holiday Special

   Somerville's Old School Game Show is not to be missed!  A zany mix of classic game shows, with contestants pulled from the audience, and vaudeville theater, the OSGS will blow you away!  In addition to the usual game show prizes (some provided by HEV), there will be a crazy sweater competition with more prizes!   The OSGS is at the Davis Square Theater check Facebook for more info. The game show starts at 7 pm, doors are at 6.  Myself (HEV owner Wiley) and DJ Studebaker Hawk will be spinning some choice Italo and classic disco pre-show and during intermission... but wait there is more!

High Energy Holiday Dance Party!!!

Hang around, or stop by the Davis Square Theater after the Old School Game show for our Holiday Dance Party, Studebaker Hawk and myself will providing great jams from our vinyl collections.  If you can't make the show, or just want to come by to party, there is no cover/ticket charge after 9:30.  

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Hours / Monday 12.23 Disasterpiece Theatre XI: Elves

High Energy will be open Monday December 23 from 1-8 pm, and Tuesday December 24 from 12-4 pm.
The store will be closed December 25, 26 and 27 (unless otherwise announced), and open during our regular hours the rest of the week.

This Disasterpeice Theatre is shockingly on a Monday, we will get started early enough (by 8:30), promise.  This 1989 mess of a movie is going to be one one the best/worst flicks that we have ever shown, so don't miss it!  Starring a chain smoking Dan "Grizzely Adams" Haggerty and a horribly portrayed Nazi troll aka an "elf", this is one of the most misguided holidday films ever made, don't miss it!  Seating is limited, so please do RSVP on Facebook, or send the store an email!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

November 30, Small Business Saturday (and other stuff)

This upcoming Saturday is Small Business Saturday!  While Small Business Saturday is a fake shopping holiday that was created by American Express in 2010 (ironically the only credit card that we don't accept) the premise behind it is great! Spending your money at small business is super important, it's estimated that 68% of money spent at small business goes right back into the community (the other 32% goes to feed my cat Ms. Peel).  More important than any made-up holiday, is the fact the store has now been open for a year, and celebration is due!  All of the customers who have supported the store in it's first year of business deserve to be rewarded!

Whats on Sale?

For the first, and probably only time ever, all of our fine vintage clothing and footwear will be 20% off, pick up some great duds or a sweet pair of boots!  All boxed vintage video games will be 20% and all $5 games will be buy two get 1 free, there will be tons of $1 stuff out too.  All Records will be buy 2 get 1 free, all of our Polaroid camera's will be 20% off and there will be other stuff on sale too, ohhh yeah.  Thanks everybody for an awesome first year!

Friday, October 18, 2013

End of Flea Season Sale- Sunday 10.20.13

Many of you know that High Energy have been regular vendors at The Davis Flea in Somerville for just over a year.  There are only two more Davis Flea events (8.20, 8.27) at the usual flea space in Davis Square, so to celebrate we will be bringing twice as much stuff this week!
   We will be bring an ENOURMOUS collection of 45's, well over 2000.  In an attempt to de-hoard the stores basement they will be super cheap; un-sleeved 45's 4/$1-, most sleeved  45's 2/$1.  We will also be bringing a large collection of Beatles, Rolling Stones, and other premium classic rock.  A large selection of 12" singles will also be availble for only $1- each.
   All video games at the Flea will be buy 2 get 1 free, wowza!  We're bring lots of NES games, and even some consoles too.
 We're also going to be bringing all sorts of neat stuff that you never  see in the store, lamps, Star Wars Pez dispensers, wild VHS and who knows what else.
   The Davis Flea is every Sunday June-October 10am-4pm,  Hope to see you there this Sunday!

Monday, October 7, 2013

10.10.13 Disasterpiece Theatre IX: Mac and Me

In an ongoing series of seriously bad films exclusively shown on VHS, Disasterpiece creator Heather Mack shamelessly gives you... Dizazzterpiece 9: Heather Mack Presents Mac and Cheese and me !!!
   Mac and Me, the 1988 train wreck rip off of ET merged with relentless promotion of McDonald's and Coca Cola established new lows in the fields of acting and product placement.  Ms. Mack will be making mac and cheese for your snacking pleasure, and the usual refreshments will be served.
    Kicking off on Thursday 10.10 at High Energy around 8:00, Disasterpiece IX  will have a more streamlined format to allow for an earlier end time.  Bring in your own favorite failed cinematic masterpiece, the next Disasterpiece Theatre will be put to a vote.  All Disasterpiece screenings are currently shown on VHS, so don't bring any hard drives, Zip disks, Blue Rays, DVDs, VCDs, Laserdiscs, Betamax cassettes, Capacitance Disks (betcha' didn't know about those), film reels, or whatever other shitty format you like, it's VHS or bust.  There is strong emphasis on films that have never been released on DVD, but as will all rules, this one is made to be broken.  See you there!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sailing Sale: 9.5 - 9.15

Sale Time!  9.5 - 9.15

It's been over six months since we've had a sale, so it's about time to have another one.  The last sale was for about a week, since its been a while we're going to rock this one for a little longer.

Whats on Sale?

All clothing is 25% off.

All records are are buy 2 get 1 free. (of an equal or lesser value)

All boxed video games and peripherals/accessories are 15% off.

All $5 video games are buy 2 get 1 free.

Other stuff:  There will also be hundreds of $1- games,  $5- clearance vintage clothes, discounted footwear and cats!

Sailing, meow, meowwww meow meow.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Disasterpiece Theatre VIII: Catman in Lethal Track.

We are nearing the last Thursday of the month, and it's awesome time again!

In a continuing series of seriously bad films shown on VHS, High Energy Vintage is proud to present Disasterpiece Theatre VIII: Catman in Lethal Track.

Catman has been described by Amazon purchasers as "Positively ingenious, bold pastiche of several of the worst movies ever made...". This film is guaranteed to induce aneurysm, stroke and fatigue, pregnant and nursing women and those with heart conditions are advised not to view this film.

This months Disasterpiece Theatre will be on Thursday the 25'th starting at 8:30 PM.  There will be refreshments (like pizza and beer) and a free VHS raffle.  Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to take and drop off VHS cassettes on the super secret VHS swap shelf which is hidden in the dressing room.

 Space is limited to 25 people (maybe 30 if we really try). Please do RSVP via Facebook or via email. In other important news Disasterpiece Theatre doesn't have a website yet (or even a blogspot that that passes for a website), but it does have a Facebook page, subscribe to it for info about Disasterpiece events, VHS collecting, and stuff.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6.27 Disasterpiece Theatre VII: The Boy Who Loved Trolls

This Thursday Disasterpiece Theatre creator Heather has truly scraped the bottom of the barrel (perhaps in this case a dumpster) to bring to bring you what is sure to be one of the worst things you will ever see. Amazingly this flick features both Sam Waterston and William H Macey in rent paying early roles!  There will be some other super terrible surprises screenings  as well.  

As always there will be a free VHS raffle, pizza, beer and good company.  Please do RSVP on Facebook or email High Energy if you plan on attending as space is limited.

Disasterpiece Theatre now has its own FB page as well, check it out for updates on VHS collecting, terrible films, and Disasterpiece Events.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thursday 5.30.13 Disasterpiece Theatre VI: Hellgate (1990)

Come check out the latest installment of Disasterpiece Theatre on Thursday 5.30 at 8pm at High Energy.  Disasterpiece screenings are always free, the films are always terrible, and everybody has a good time. VHS donations to the stores super secret VHS swap shelf are welcomed  Please RSVP on Facebook, or send us an email if you plan to attend!

Disasterpiece Theatre is continuing series of seriously bad films exclusively shown on VHS. We will have refreshments, and a free VHS raffle. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Closed Sunday 5.19.13

Well this certainly doesn't qualify as an event, but High Energy will not be open Sunday 5.19.13.  The doors will be locked, the alarm will be on, nobody will be there, don't come to the store this Sunday, don't look at it, don't mention it.  As a super secret insider tip, the store is often secretly open on Wednesday evenings, sometimes this super secret opening is announced on Facebook, you can also call the store at around 6 pm to check.

                            "Don't look at it, don't mention it, the word is spring" -Koto

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Event: 5.11.13 Japanese Monster With Club Fuxxx

It's showtime again.  On Saturday May 11, High Energy will be having another most excellent shindig,  local synth-rock group Japanese Monster will perform first followed by DJ act Club Fuxx.  The event will start at 9, its free, and BYOB.  RSVP on Facebook so we know how many people will be there, thanks!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Disasterpiece Theatre V: The Skateboard Kid

It's Disasterpiece time again!  Come check out what is sure to be a truly special addition to Disastepiece Theatre's continuing series of seriously terrible films.

The flick will start around 8pm Thursday 8.25. There will be a free VHS raffle, refreshments, and good company.

RSVP on Facebook here:
 Disasterpiece V

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Name Change? Upcoming Events!

You may have noticed that that DiscoVision Vintage has a new look, most specifically a new name.  Rest assured that the Laserdisc police did not come knocking at the door. For a personal history of the business and a detailed explanation of the name change keep reading! For information on the cool stuff that is happening this week at the store skip the next paragraph.

   Many of you have been shopping my vintage wears for several years since my humble beginnings at the SoWa Vintage Market; some for shoes, some for clothes, many for games.  What began as a hobby for me to supplement my own collection of various vintage items has turned into so much more.  Not so long ago I was operating under the name "Buy Upgraded Technology"  while meant as an ironic nod to the Futurist movement, and pertinent to the merchandise that I was selling, it was not a good name for a business.  When my brother Ethan joined up with my business in 2011 he eventually suggested overhauling the name to DiscoVision Vintage.  Brother Ethans' addition to the business brought in the skills of a professional hatter, businessman and vintage clothing aficionado.  In February of 2013 brother Ethan left to found Eminence Front: A Vintage Business, with his departure ends the collaboration DiscoVision Vintage. I have chosen High Energy Vintage as the name with which to re-brand my business.  Why High Energy?  If you have ever spoken to me for more than 30 minutes (about non-video game related things) my love of Italo Disco has probably come up.  High Energy music, is essentially the North American equivalent of Italo, and makes for a much better name than "Italo Disco Vintage" or "Man who Loves Cats Vintage"  or any other less catchy name.  High Energy also has a nice tie in with all the vintage gaming and electronic stuff that passes through the store.

Thanks for sticking with me and the cool old stuff that I like!  -Wiley


Lots of fun stuff happening at High Energy Vintage this week, check it out!

Dissasterpiece Theatre IV

Some fellow VHS fanatics have teamed up with High Energy to present a series of seriously terrible films presented on VHS.

On Thursday 3.28 we will be screening R.O.T.O.R a terrible mess of a film sure to amuse any terrible film fan.  An odd Robocop/Terminator ripoff shot in Texas on the budget of a steakhouse commercial.  The event begins at 8:00 pm,  space is limited so it is preferred that you RSVP on Facebook.  If Facebook isn't your thing, shoot me an email at HighEnergyVintage@Gmail.Com

This will be an ongoing monthly event, so if you miss this one, come next month!

High Energy Party Vol. 3

On Saturday 3.30 we will be having another super awesome dance party at the store.  If you came to either the DiscoVision opening party, or the Privates Party, you probably had a great time.  If you didn't come, you may have missed out on a really great time.  DJ Studebaker Hawk will be returning on the tables, along with Dustin Rosata and Will Martin.  Bring your dancin' shoes, or buy some from us!  The party starts at 9 ish and will go late-ish.  It is preferred that you RSVP on Facebook due to the small space thing (but hey you would be surprised how many people the store fits) Hope to see you there!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cat Attack Sale!

Hey all,  thanks for supporting us in nearly 3 months of business at our new store.  It's been pretty awesome so far.   On a sadder note our cat Birdy (the DiscoVision mascot) died the same week that our store opened.  While we will never be able to replace Birdy the cat, we did get a new cat for Christmas.  In celebration of our new kitty Ms. Peel, and 3 months of awesome business in our new store we are having a sale this week.

Stop by the store this week, and stock up on all your vintage-y needs!