Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Hours / Monday 12.23 Disasterpiece Theatre XI: Elves

High Energy will be open Monday December 23 from 1-8 pm, and Tuesday December 24 from 12-4 pm.
The store will be closed December 25, 26 and 27 (unless otherwise announced), and open during our regular hours the rest of the week.

This Disasterpeice Theatre is shockingly on a Monday, we will get started early enough (by 8:30), promise.  This 1989 mess of a movie is going to be one one the best/worst flicks that we have ever shown, so don't miss it!  Starring a chain smoking Dan "Grizzely Adams" Haggerty and a horribly portrayed Nazi troll aka an "elf", this is one of the most misguided holidday films ever made, don't miss it!  Seating is limited, so please do RSVP on Facebook, or send the store an email!