Vintage Video Games

High Energy Vintage carries vintage games and systems from the 1970's to the 1990's. All of our vintage video games and gaming systems are cleaned, tested, guaranteed to work properly and have a 30 warranty. Check here for more information on troubleshooting vintage systems and games.

Game Selection

High Energy carries games for a variety of vintage systems.  Our selection of games changes from week to week.  We are happy to hold games for up to 24 hours, games requested to be held longer must be paid for in advance.  If you are looking for a specific game or system please feel free to contact us at:

Nintendo (NES)  250+ titles in stock.

Super Nintendo (SNES) 100+ titles in stock. 

Nintendo 64 (N64)  75+ titles in stock.

Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) 150+ titles in stock.

Sega CD, 32X 25+ titles in stock.

Sega Game Gear  20 titles in stock. 

Nintendo Game Boy 25+ titles in stock.

Sega Master System 20 titles in stock

Atari 2600 100 + titles in stock.

Atari 7800 and 5200 approx. 20 titles in stock.

Intellevision approx. 40 titles in stock.

In Stock Gaming Systems

Please call us at 617-764-0141
for for daily availability and pricing.