Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday 4.15.12 Preview: Superfly Kicks

It's been two weeks since we have last been open, which means we have twice as much awesome stuff.


DiscoVision strives to have the flyest vintage kicks in all of Boston, check out what we have to deliver this week.  If the fringed-tongue wingtips below are on your feet, you probably have the coolest shoes in the room (W8-$35).  These white Breather Wright shoes are the perfect pair of snazzy kicks to wear with shorts or a pair of Nantucket Red pants.
Brogued, Fringed-Tongue Wingtips - Women's 8 $35-
 "Breather Wright"  Monkstrap - Men's 11 $25-

These Dr. Martens are wild, made in England (like the rest that we sell), and straight out of 1995.  If you are trying to recreate the "Hackers" (yep that flick was made in '95) look, then you need them.  They are made of multicolored velour, appearing to be around a women's 9/9.5 or men's 7/7.5 and very likely vegan friendly. ($40)
Coolest Dr. Martens Ever:  Mens 7.5/Womens 9.5?  $40-
Flowery, nifty button blouse $15-


 Lots of fun new finds this week with fun new buttons, like this blouse ($15)! It has tiny flower-dots, and awesome brass buttons with ceramic inlay.

Video Juegos:

If NES is your thing, then we we have lots of your thing. We have 15 new titles in addition to the 200+ already crammed into our case.  New in this week: Metroid $10, Motor City Patrol $10, Burgertime $5, Tecmo Bowl $5, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $5, Milon's Secret Castle $5, Who Framed Roger Rabbbit $5, Jeopardy $5, Wheel of Fortune $5.
Boxed NES $75-  Games Sold Seperatly!

The most awesome thing for this Sunday is a boxed Nintendo "Control Deck".  It has all its original contents (minus the manual); 2 controllers power and TV cords, and a new 72 Pin connector for only $75.  We have plenty of NES Zappers in stock ($15) if you have an itchy trigger finger.  Another great new item is this Nintendo Game Genie with its original booklet ($12).

Game Genie with book $12-
We also have some new games for the N64 like Command and Conquer $10, Super Smash Brothers $20 and Asteroids 64 $5.  Our new Sega Genesis pick of the week is Rocket Knight Adventures ($5) a fun side scrolling platform game, that also alternates between shooting levels, where you blast away pigs.  
     If you are thinking of purchasing a system, we have Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 sytems in Stock.