Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday 4.1 Preview: East German Map Bags, More Handbags... and More!

East German Map Bags 

These East German map bags are way cool; constructed of waterproof vinyl with full grain leather straps and rugged hardware.  Ideal for a time traveler who doesn't want to look out of place with a G.P.S. behind the Iron Curtain ... or for an artist on the go who wants to keep their work dry.  We've got 3 of them, priced at $15.00 each. (No haggling or we'll send you off to a Gulag)

 New Handbags

The map bags are awesome, but sometimes something less "military surplus" is called for.  The snakeskin bag pictured to the right is in impeccable condition.  Handmade in India (most likely in the late 60's or 70's) with AMAZINGLY soft sheepskin lining and Japanese hardware also features a Transformer-like detachable strap to turn into a clutch.  This beauty is a steal at $40.00.  Below our snakelike friend/find is a bright red suede (much brighter in real life) purse made in Spain by designer Ginnie Johansen for $25.00.  On the far right under the map bag is a J.P. Ourse bag made in Bolivia of quality aniline leather.  This bag has the look, feel, age, and quality of a vintage Coach bag from the 80's.  Another neat feature of this bag is that the straps can be adjusted so that it can be worn across the back;  you can wear it across your back for $25.00!

Nick-Nack Attack!

You don't need this stuff, but you do.  Fortunately for you the brothers Wiley have been underwhelmed by Nik Naks this week and all we have to offer are are some 70's sheriff badges (one is labeled "#1" the other "Erica", er scratch that I'm giving that one to an awesome UPS lady)  and a napkin holder with a rooster painted on it.  Due to the competitive world of the Knick Knack market, and the '09 napkin holder fallout these pieces will be incredibly inexpensive.


We have awesome new vinyl every week, can't list it all, but here are a few interesting highlights.  We have a bunch of new Donovan albums at our usual $5.00 price, their condition is playable but not mint.
We scored a bunch of Malcom McLaren stuff recently (producer of Sex Pistols and Little Bow Wow).  This 12" single of Hobo Scratch like all of our other 12" 's is $2.00.  This Jefferson Starship album is sure to be a terrible listen, but checkout that sweet cover!

Vintage Video Games

If you haven't stopped by DiscoVision in a bit to checkout games, now may be the time. Our NES stock is pretty awesome at around 200 games with more in every week.  For SNES we have some sought after titles like Kirby's Dreamland 3 ($35) and Chrono Trigger ($45).  Here are my favorite NES picks of this week. Desert Commander ($5), a turn based strategy game very similar to this flash game, features 2 player or against the computer action.  This cart. of Donkey Kong ($10) is a classic, and features Mario's' first appearance in a game.  Cybernoid ($5) is exactly the kind of side-action blasting game you would hope it to be.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday 3/25/12

Great new stuff for this Sunday at DiscoVision.  Lots of new 80's records from The Cure, Joe Jackson, Madness, REM, Genesis, The Motels, Lene Lovich,  Belinda Carlisle and lots more . New Polaroids, new NES titles, and even a few new Sega CD Games.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Website Launch

In celebration of our website being (mostly) finished  All of our rockin' vintage shoes will be only $20.00 this Sunday 3/25.  That includes our Ferragamo's, Dr. Martens (ours are all English made), Alden's, everything!