Sunday, March 24, 2013

Name Change? Upcoming Events!

You may have noticed that that DiscoVision Vintage has a new look, most specifically a new name.  Rest assured that the Laserdisc police did not come knocking at the door. For a personal history of the business and a detailed explanation of the name change keep reading! For information on the cool stuff that is happening this week at the store skip the next paragraph.

   Many of you have been shopping my vintage wears for several years since my humble beginnings at the SoWa Vintage Market; some for shoes, some for clothes, many for games.  What began as a hobby for me to supplement my own collection of various vintage items has turned into so much more.  Not so long ago I was operating under the name "Buy Upgraded Technology"  while meant as an ironic nod to the Futurist movement, and pertinent to the merchandise that I was selling, it was not a good name for a business.  When my brother Ethan joined up with my business in 2011 he eventually suggested overhauling the name to DiscoVision Vintage.  Brother Ethans' addition to the business brought in the skills of a professional hatter, businessman and vintage clothing aficionado.  In February of 2013 brother Ethan left to found Eminence Front: A Vintage Business, with his departure ends the collaboration DiscoVision Vintage. I have chosen High Energy Vintage as the name with which to re-brand my business.  Why High Energy?  If you have ever spoken to me for more than 30 minutes (about non-video game related things) my love of Italo Disco has probably come up.  High Energy music, is essentially the North American equivalent of Italo, and makes for a much better name than "Italo Disco Vintage" or "Man who Loves Cats Vintage"  or any other less catchy name.  High Energy also has a nice tie in with all the vintage gaming and electronic stuff that passes through the store.

Thanks for sticking with me and the cool old stuff that I like!  -Wiley


Lots of fun stuff happening at High Energy Vintage this week, check it out!

Dissasterpiece Theatre IV

Some fellow VHS fanatics have teamed up with High Energy to present a series of seriously terrible films presented on VHS.

On Thursday 3.28 we will be screening R.O.T.O.R a terrible mess of a film sure to amuse any terrible film fan.  An odd Robocop/Terminator ripoff shot in Texas on the budget of a steakhouse commercial.  The event begins at 8:00 pm,  space is limited so it is preferred that you RSVP on Facebook.  If Facebook isn't your thing, shoot me an email at HighEnergyVintage@Gmail.Com

This will be an ongoing monthly event, so if you miss this one, come next month!

High Energy Party Vol. 3

On Saturday 3.30 we will be having another super awesome dance party at the store.  If you came to either the DiscoVision opening party, or the Privates Party, you probably had a great time.  If you didn't come, you may have missed out on a really great time.  DJ Studebaker Hawk will be returning on the tables, along with Dustin Rosata and Will Martin.  Bring your dancin' shoes, or buy some from us!  The party starts at 9 ish and will go late-ish.  It is preferred that you RSVP on Facebook due to the small space thing (but hey you would be surprised how many people the store fits) Hope to see you there!