Thursday, November 8, 2012

We're Open!

Firstly a big thanks to all who came out to our opening party, and to Studebaker Hawk for providing awesome Italo tunes all night.  We're pretty into this silly stuff which is often neither disco or Italian and we think you should be too! 


Cool New Stuff

We've currently got a great stock of functioning Polaroid camera's available ranging from $20.00 -$35.00.  Soon we will be the only Boston vendor carrying Imposible Project film for Polaroid cameras.  (Urban Outfitters may carry it at times, but they do not refrigerate it, and their staff are not instructed in proper usage, so they don't count!)
  In other news, we just added a jewelry display from our old SoWa pal Yuki Neko.

We already have a gaming station setup, so that many of our games can be previewed prior to purchase.  We will have a turntable setup by the end of the month so that our vinyl selection can be previewed as well.

Stop by and say "hi", we are open Wednesday through Sunday check here for hours and directions.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Shazam, We are Opening a Store!

The title of this post just about sums it up! We are super excited to finally have a "brick and mortar" location, especially one that is made out of actual  bricks.  1242 Broadway in Somerville will be the home of DiscoVision Vintage.  This is located in the Teele Sqaure area, apx. a 10 minute walk from the Davis red line stop.

View Larger Map

Our grandest of openings will be on Friday October 19 you can RSVP here on Facebook.

In the meantime we will still be at the The Davis Flea every Sunday from 10am to 4pm until it ends for the year on October 28.  Shoot us an email if you have any questions, comments, or general feedback for us.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunday 7.22: Return of the Create Your Own Coupon

DiscoVision has been setting up at The Davis Flea for the past few weeks (see "about" tab for directions).  It's been hot, but lots of fun.  After some trial and error we have figured out how to bring nearly ALL of our inventory to Somerville on Sundays.

We've noticed quite a few of our regulars showing up at Davis too, thanks!  If you haven't made it by, check it out; there is live music, great donuts and of course us!

A few months back we had a "Create Your Own Coupon"  special one Friday evening.  It was pretty awesome seeing a line of customers waiting for us on arrival.  As another thanks to our regulars we're going to do it again!

This is the Deal:

You make a coupon, any which way that you like, and it is valid for $5 off any purchase of $20 or more. It can be used on anything at DiscoVision Vintage, games, records, cowboy boots, knick knacks, etc.

This coupon can only be used on Sunday 7.22.12 at our Davis Flea setup.  There is a limit of one per customer, customers must be human, your Shih Tzu cannot use a coupon to buy a Polaroid camera, sorry. Oh, and as Columbo would say "just one more thing"  the maker of the snazziest coupon will get a $20 DiscoVision store credit. (snazziest coupon award will be judged by the Super Wiley 'O' Brothers cat Birdy)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6.27 Important Announcement, We're on the Move!

This coming Sunday 7.1 DiscoVision Vintage will no longer be located at the SoWa Vintage Market.  We are pleased to announce that we will be setup at the new Davis Flea in Somerville's Davis Square on Sundays from 10am-4pm!  We will be announcing our future dates there soon.  Checkout their website for directions, and info on some of their other amazing vendors.  Davis Flea Info

On July 28 we will be rockin' out at Starlab Fest '12.  The lineup this year looks awesome, Movers and Shakers will be headlining with their final Show.  Starlab Fest '12

Stay tuned for more awesome announcements soon!  If you have any questions or need warranty assistance please email us

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Polaroids and Vintage Game Hunting in Boston

Polaroid Explosion

We have carried Polaroid cameras from the start, some weeks offering more than others.  This coming Sunday 6.24.12 we will have a whole bunch in stock to meet the demand.  The Polaroid 600 cameras we have in stock are from the 70's, 80's and 90's ranging in price from $20 to $30.  For those who don't know, Impossible Project makes new film for Polaroid 600's, SX 70's, Spectra's and few more.  If their film is out of your budget, try Ebay, Amazon, and Etsy for old dead-stock film.  Impossible Project does sell cameras as well, but if you do some comparison shopping you might save yourself a Benjamin Franklin if you buy one of ours (ours are also guaranteed to work as well).   We also have a whole bunch of Polaroid Colorpack cameras available which take Fuji FP 100C and FP 3000B  both of which are still made and readily available.  At the moment we have a singular Polaroid Spectra camera, which is very similar to the 600's but with some more camera options and a larger format picture.  Check out this English bloke's video if your looking to get into Polaroid photography.

We even have the UK made Spice Girls 600 that's in this vid!

Vintage Game Hunting in Boston

Every Sunday at DiscoVision we try to have a most-excellent selection of vintage games and consoles available to our customers at competitive prices.  We are of course only open one day a week and only have so much space, so here is a list of other places that have a selection of vintage games in the Boston area.  If there is someplace that we have left off, shoot us an email and we will add it on (only legit places, the junk store in South Boston across from the Burger King with a bunch of dusty Genesis sports games doesn't count)


Located in Allston these cats run a good business focusing on buying and selling used electronics. They have a good selection of vintage games and accessories at fair prices, like us they back up their goods with a solid warranty.  Replay'd 

Sudden Impact 

Located in Winthrop (wich isn't as far as it sounds) this is the most comprehensive gaming store in the area.  The owner is friendly and makes sure everything that they sell works well.  If you need a copy of Earthbound, or a sealed boxed Nintendo stat, then this is the place to go.  The selection can't be beat, but there is a price to be paid to have it all available on the spot. Sudden Impact

Underground Dungeon

Located in Cambridge, U.D. seems to be a pawn/gaming shop.  We have been told by some of our customers that they stock vintage games and systems (as well as new ones), but not a lot of information is available on the web about them. Underground Dungeon Update: Store Closing/Closed 7.18.12

La Chic Boutique 

Located in Somerville, another pawn shop of sorts (although the web site says that they are not) that our customers have told us about.  We haven't checked out this spot yet either, but their website and some of our patrons tell us that they carry vintage games and systems.  La Chic Boutique

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First Friday 6.1

We will be open this Friday 6.1 from 5-9pm  in conjunction wth SoWa First Fridays.  Come by Harrison Ave/Thayer St. and check out all the artists studios, and of course us!  We will be serving up some refreshments and snacks, and hanging around having a good time.  If you have stopped b by DiscoVision recently, you may have noticed that it is VERY busy on Sundays.  First Fridays at the Vintage Market are a great way to beat the Sunday crowd and good time to try out games that you may have been thinking of purchasing.   Feel free to come by and chat about vintage gaming and records and sip on some sangria!  Check out the Facebook Event for more details.

Another awesome thing about First Fridays at DiscoVision is that you can get $5.00 any purchase over $20.00 if you check in on Facebook (or draw us your own coupon).

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday 5.27 Preview: No Time For Previews!

Wowza,  It's been a full month since since we've made a post!  The Wiley brothers have been respectively busy slingin' shoes and hats at Fluevog and Salmagundi (that's how we know so much about nice things). We have also been busy traveling to the farthest reaches of the MBTA to bring you the best vintage games that money can buy.  If you've stopped by our SoWa space recently, you may have noticed that it's really busy... welcome to summer at the SoWa Market!

If you are coming by the market to pick up games, we strongly recommend checking out some of the other vendors too.  They may not have hundreds of Nintendo games, but they have cool stuff, we promise.


Check out this cigar box clutch, (no that's not the name of a dance) its a clutch... made out of a cigar box!  In addition to being awesome, it's only $10.00


If you're coming by the market check out our friend Vintage Finesse's space.  It's often stocked with great vintage bar-ware, mid century curio, and hey is that a vintage prosthetic leg back there!

We have some seriously funky new ladies clothing like this Asian inspired floral print dress, check out the awesome shoulder detail above.  Our pals Gypsy Shop also have great ladies vintage, and recently added a rack of menswear at their SoWa location.  Gyspsy Shop owner Ruth has been kind enough to let our patrons use her dressing room, many thanks!

Gyspsy Shop has several other pop-up locations and sets up at other markets, check out their website for more info!

Vintage Games 

For the past few weeks we have been bringing in 100+ games each week we are so stocked (and stoked) at the moment.  This week we have another enormous haul of vintage games to share with you.  New RPGS for the SNES, and NES.  This week we have the gold editions of both Zelda and Link in stock, along with dozens of other favorites like Blaster Master, Excitebike, Burgertime, all of the Mario games for NES... and more.  We update our vintage gaming page throughout the week, check it out!

See you Sunday!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday 4.29 Preview: Vintage Gaming Myopia

This weeks post will be focused on our vintage gaming section.  We have amazing new clothes, cameras, knick knacks, and records as well.  The SoWa Open Market begins on May 6; from then until it ends in October things are going to get busy at DiscoVision.  We would like to thank all of our customers for supporting the SoWa Vintage Market during the winter, and in particular DiscoVision Vintage in our first year of being open year round.  We would especially like to thank all of our regular vintage gaming customers.  Some of you nuts came out in terrible weather to buy video games that were made 25 years ago... Thank You! (skip to the end for a more monetary thanks)

First Friday:

We will be open on Friday 5/4/12 from 5pm to 9pm check the Facebook Event for more details.

New Games For Super Nintendo:

Comments on some of our new SNES games: Wizardry V, Virtual Bart, Shadowrun, Final Fight, Aladdin, F-Zero, World Heroes II, Krusty's Super Fun House, ad uh Shaq Fu.

This week has yielded some awesome finds.  We try to keep a copy of Shaq Fu ($5) in stock at all times, and although it is rated as one of the worst fighting games ever made, it still flies of of our shelves on a weekly basis. This game is ridiculous and  probably never should have been made, but it did.  Honestly the game play is pretty bad, but maybe not as bad as its rumored to be.  If this screen shot doesn't doesn't make you want to pick up a copy, nothing I say can either.  This website is based on finding copies of the game and destroying them.  Although not currently in stock, if your a fan of ridiculous celebrity games, check out Michael Jordan- Chaos in the Windy City.  
   We have a few factory sealed copies of F-Zero ($10) left for the SNES, but we now also have an unsealed copy ($5) if you want one to play, and one to display.  Krusty's Super Fun House ($5) is a 16 bit version of the NES classic Krusty's Fun House.  World Heroes II ($5) is a pretty ridiculous fighting game.  You can play as a variety of stereotypical ethnic characters like "Brocken" a Nazi android, or "Johnny Maximum" an American Football Player, or "Rasputin" ... Rasputin. The game play is solid and the controls respond well making for very playable game.  Final Fight ($5) is a port of the arcade game of the same title.  It's a fun side scrolling beat 'em up which you will like if your into Streets of Rage and such. If  Dungeons and Dragons is your jam, then Wizardry V ($5) will be right up your ally.  Out of everything in the vintage gaming world 16 bit RPG's are my favorite thing, but I couldn't get into this one. Wizardry V was originally released for the Commodore 64 in 1988 which explains why this 1994 SNES port is largely text based... or something.  Fans of truly old-school video gaming or D&Ders may appreciate this title; it may be an awesome game, but as a fan of 16 bit RPGs I couldn't get into it.  Aladdin ($8) is a Capcom produced side scroller that is extremely playable, and considered one of the best Disney/Capcom productions.
Shadowrun ($30) is absolutely amazing, this is what vintage gaming is all about.  This cyber punk RPG is part Blade Runner, part Neuromancer, and overall amazing.  The game play starts out with you waking up in a morgue,  from there you have to figure out who you are and what you are doing.  Check out this video of the intro, it totally "borrows" from the opening of Blade Runner.  Another awesome score this week is Virtual Bart ($12)  I was going to keep this one until I beat it, and while it is a totally awesome game, it is frustratingly hard.  I remembered as a kid throwing my controllers at the screen trying to beat the baby Bart level, I'm going to let this one go.

New Games For Sega Genesis:

Comments on some of our new Genesis games: Cool Spot, Desert Strike, Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse, Quackshot,  Fire Shark, Menacer 6 Game Cartridge, Warsong

The Sega Genesis was my first system as kid, I will always think of it as "the best" (Super Nintendo is pretty good too).  Cool Spot ($5) is a game that is based off of the 7up mascot, it is however a surprisingly good platformer.  Platforming games are not my forte, but this one features some great game play and music, and is certainly the best video game based off of a soda mascot.  Castle of Illusion ($5) is another platforming title, and even though it is a Mario-esque game, it's really really good.   Castle of Illusion was an early title for the Genesis (released before Sonic!) and as it was programmed by Sega of Japan, it makes great usage of the Genesis' graphic capabilities.  I have played and beaten all 3 strike games for the Sega Genesis, and rather enjoy them.  Desert Strike ($5) is the first game of the "Strike" series, and although this is a very common game it is a great play.  It apparently received some bad press at the time of it's release, critics said that the game was great, but was in bad taste and was trying to capitalize on the recent  Gulf War.  Fire Shark ($5) is a great port of a Japanese shoot 'em up style arcade game titled "Same! Same! Same!"  Basically you are a souped up biplane fighting against some type of industrial enemy in an alternate future-reality... the plot is really not important think Japanese steam-punk.  Not much to say about the Menacer 6 Game ($5) as I do not have a Menacer, and there is not much you can do in this game that you can do without one.  Quackshot ($5) is another Disney platformer where you go around as Donald Duck blasting enemies with a plunger gun.  It's a very playable game, but not nearly as solid as Castle of Illusion.

Warsong ($15 w/box also know as Langrisser)  is a rockin' 16 bit tactics game.  Warsong isn't exactly an RPG as there is really no game play outside of the battles, but RPG fans will certainly enjoy it.  It's a somewhat rare Genesis game, hence the price (sorry).  The game concentrates on battle strategy and troop placement.  The game puts you on a battlefield as a leader, each leader can control about 8 troops in addition to the leader, and in most battles you control several leaders!  This setup make for some spectacularly enjoyable gaming.  The game play is similar to the Final Fantasy games, especially Final Fantasy Tactics where like Warsong, there is only battling to be done!

Nintendo 64 and More:

Nintendo 64: Goldeneye, Super Smash Brothers, Bust a Move 99.  Nintendo NES: ? Sega Master System: Alex Kidd in Miracle World

We finally have a copy of Super Smash Brothers ($20, label damage) If you're looking for this one, you know what its all about.  Goldeneye ($12) redefined the first person shooter and multiplayer gaming world, if you own a N64 you need a copy of this game.  Bust a Move 99 ($5) is quite similar to Snood... if that's your jam.  We do have new NES games for this week, including a rare unlicensed one, BUT they have not been cleaned and tested yet, so stay tuned for more details on that.  Before there was Sonic, Sega had Alex Kidd, a kid. Alex Kidd in Miracle World (in box $5) was the fist game in the series, and is actually built into most Sega Master Systems released after 1986.

DiscoVision is super stocked up on gaming consoles, we have NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and Atari 2600 in stock, several of each! We also have plenty of NES light guns, and a boxed NES for sale, stop by this Sunday or next Friday before the Open Market begins!

$5 Off

If you have read this entire post, you must really like vintage gaming.  To reward our regular costumers, this Sunday 4.29 and Friday 5.4 you can receive $5.00 off any gaming purchase over $20.00 by claiming a check-in deal on our Facebook Page.  If you don't have a genius phone, simply draw a coupon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunday 4.22 Preview: Books and Cameras and Tchotchkes, Oh My!

Lots of neat new things at DiscoVision for this Sunday, check it out!

Records and Such  

 This week’s coolest find is a suitcase-style portable turntable with a built in speaker.  Enclosed in a fairy tale character decorated case, this turntable plays 12” records and 7” inches at 45 speed too, it even has a built in 45 adaptor!  This thing is super light weight and has a secure arm fastener for easy portability.  The needle and all other components are in excellent working condition.  This very unique turntable can be yours for $50.00.  We have some awesome new records this week including new Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and a super awesome Eddie Murphy single that will not be mentioned by name.  If you're ever looking for something in particular shoot us an email at:

Knick Knack Attack

The Wiley brothers purvey only the finest in unneeded clutter and trinkets.  This wood carved corkscrew has the ugliest rendition of a monk I have ever seen.  If you purchase this, you will certainly be scolded for lack of good taste by your spouse/housemate/cat.  Are you into into questionably collectible  figurines?  Then we have just the thing for you, a Japanese made Sonsco mouse!  Nothing says kitsch quite like a figurine of a mouse with a drum.  For those that are planning a wedding soon, Abigial Adams of "Dear Abbey" fame has advice for you!  This advice of course is along the lines of "If you are a pregnant bride don't have a large wedding" ... thanks Abbey!


 DiscoVision has a collection of fine vintage cameras to offer this week, here a some pictures of the highlights.  This Polaroid model 95 is one of the most beautiful cameras to come through our space.  This folding bellows style camera is in pristine working condition and comes with a light meter, manual, case and is generally totally amazing. Another awesome find is this Bell and Howell Super 8 camera.  This camera has a funky reposition-able handle and a hand case in good condition.


This week DiscoVision Vintage is turning a new page (zing).  We will be adding a section of vintage paperbacks, specializing in cult, classic, and sci-fi. Starting this week we have awesome stuff from Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Robbins, Voltaire, and even Bob Dylan.  All the paperbacks will be at an appropriately affordable price of $3.00 each or two for $5.00.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunday 4.15.12 Preview: Superfly Kicks

It's been two weeks since we have last been open, which means we have twice as much awesome stuff.


DiscoVision strives to have the flyest vintage kicks in all of Boston, check out what we have to deliver this week.  If the fringed-tongue wingtips below are on your feet, you probably have the coolest shoes in the room (W8-$35).  These white Breather Wright shoes are the perfect pair of snazzy kicks to wear with shorts or a pair of Nantucket Red pants.
Brogued, Fringed-Tongue Wingtips - Women's 8 $35-
 "Breather Wright"  Monkstrap - Men's 11 $25-

These Dr. Martens are wild, made in England (like the rest that we sell), and straight out of 1995.  If you are trying to recreate the "Hackers" (yep that flick was made in '95) look, then you need them.  They are made of multicolored velour, appearing to be around a women's 9/9.5 or men's 7/7.5 and very likely vegan friendly. ($40)
Coolest Dr. Martens Ever:  Mens 7.5/Womens 9.5?  $40-
Flowery, nifty button blouse $15-


 Lots of fun new finds this week with fun new buttons, like this blouse ($15)! It has tiny flower-dots, and awesome brass buttons with ceramic inlay.

Video Juegos:

If NES is your thing, then we we have lots of your thing. We have 15 new titles in addition to the 200+ already crammed into our case.  New in this week: Metroid $10, Motor City Patrol $10, Burgertime $5, Tecmo Bowl $5, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom $5, Milon's Secret Castle $5, Who Framed Roger Rabbbit $5, Jeopardy $5, Wheel of Fortune $5.
Boxed NES $75-  Games Sold Seperatly!

The most awesome thing for this Sunday is a boxed Nintendo "Control Deck".  It has all its original contents (minus the manual); 2 controllers power and TV cords, and a new 72 Pin connector for only $75.  We have plenty of NES Zappers in stock ($15) if you have an itchy trigger finger.  Another great new item is this Nintendo Game Genie with its original booklet ($12).

Game Genie with book $12-
We also have some new games for the N64 like Command and Conquer $10, Super Smash Brothers $20 and Asteroids 64 $5.  Our new Sega Genesis pick of the week is Rocket Knight Adventures ($5) a fun side scrolling platform game, that also alternates between shooting levels, where you blast away pigs.  
     If you are thinking of purchasing a system, we have Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 sytems in Stock.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sunday 4.1 Preview: East German Map Bags, More Handbags... and More!

East German Map Bags 

These East German map bags are way cool; constructed of waterproof vinyl with full grain leather straps and rugged hardware.  Ideal for a time traveler who doesn't want to look out of place with a G.P.S. behind the Iron Curtain ... or for an artist on the go who wants to keep their work dry.  We've got 3 of them, priced at $15.00 each. (No haggling or we'll send you off to a Gulag)

 New Handbags

The map bags are awesome, but sometimes something less "military surplus" is called for.  The snakeskin bag pictured to the right is in impeccable condition.  Handmade in India (most likely in the late 60's or 70's) with AMAZINGLY soft sheepskin lining and Japanese hardware also features a Transformer-like detachable strap to turn into a clutch.  This beauty is a steal at $40.00.  Below our snakelike friend/find is a bright red suede (much brighter in real life) purse made in Spain by designer Ginnie Johansen for $25.00.  On the far right under the map bag is a J.P. Ourse bag made in Bolivia of quality aniline leather.  This bag has the look, feel, age, and quality of a vintage Coach bag from the 80's.  Another neat feature of this bag is that the straps can be adjusted so that it can be worn across the back;  you can wear it across your back for $25.00!

Nick-Nack Attack!

You don't need this stuff, but you do.  Fortunately for you the brothers Wiley have been underwhelmed by Nik Naks this week and all we have to offer are are some 70's sheriff badges (one is labeled "#1" the other "Erica", er scratch that I'm giving that one to an awesome UPS lady)  and a napkin holder with a rooster painted on it.  Due to the competitive world of the Knick Knack market, and the '09 napkin holder fallout these pieces will be incredibly inexpensive.


We have awesome new vinyl every week, can't list it all, but here are a few interesting highlights.  We have a bunch of new Donovan albums at our usual $5.00 price, their condition is playable but not mint.
We scored a bunch of Malcom McLaren stuff recently (producer of Sex Pistols and Little Bow Wow).  This 12" single of Hobo Scratch like all of our other 12" 's is $2.00.  This Jefferson Starship album is sure to be a terrible listen, but checkout that sweet cover!

Vintage Video Games

If you haven't stopped by DiscoVision in a bit to checkout games, now may be the time. Our NES stock is pretty awesome at around 200 games with more in every week.  For SNES we have some sought after titles like Kirby's Dreamland 3 ($35) and Chrono Trigger ($45).  Here are my favorite NES picks of this week. Desert Commander ($5), a turn based strategy game very similar to this flash game, features 2 player or against the computer action.  This cart. of Donkey Kong ($10) is a classic, and features Mario's' first appearance in a game.  Cybernoid ($5) is exactly the kind of side-action blasting game you would hope it to be.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday 3/25/12

Great new stuff for this Sunday at DiscoVision.  Lots of new 80's records from The Cure, Joe Jackson, Madness, REM, Genesis, The Motels, Lene Lovich,  Belinda Carlisle and lots more . New Polaroids, new NES titles, and even a few new Sega CD Games.