Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wednesday 7.23 Disasterpiece Theatre Outside: Flyin Ryan

In a continuing series of seriously bad movies presented exclusively on VHS comes Flyin' Ryan! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pair of those wacky wheel shoes that could make you fly?!! Live out your freaky fantasies and come watch Flyin' Ryan! Come check out Disasterpiece Theatre's first outdoor screening, Wednesday July 23'rd, 8PM at The Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave, Somerville (about a 5 minute walk from the shop) For more information checkout the event on Facebook.


8:00 - Shorts/Pizza 

8:30- FLYIN' RYAN!!!! 

Aftershow- Retro video game review presentation by The Hardcore Retro God

Friday, July 22, 2016

Somerville Flea Sundays!

Every Sunday June 5th  through October 16th High Energy sets up at The Somerville Flea in Davis Square.  The flea starts up at 10am and runs until 4pm.  There are usually about 20-30 vendors and a farmers market with local veggies.  When we setup at the flea we bring out clothes footwear, records, video games, cameras... the usual stuff you might find in the store... and more.  Sometimes we have comic books, action figures, paintings, knick-knacks, paddwacks who knows what we will show up with!  Checkout the flea website for more info