Friday, February 24, 2017

3.1.17 High Energy After Hours at Brass Union

High Energy After Hours is back!  Our monthly all vinyl DJ night came to a sudden end last fall with the closing of its host River Gods.  After a few months of planning we are psyched to bring the night back to Brass Union...right down the street in Union Square! Our first night is Wednesday March first, everything starts up at 8 and will run until close...around 11:30 or 12.  As always, our night of all vinyl tunes has no cover!  Matt of and Disasterpiece Theatre will be there with his Chromatic Interplexor providing glitched out VHS visuals.  Check out the Facebook invite for more info!

Monday, February 13, 2017

2.16.17 Disasterpiece Theatre Presents: The Wiz Kid

In a continuing series of seriously terrible films presented exclusively on VHS comes... The Wiz Kid ... also known as "Bodo- Einze ganze normal Familie" so yeah its a German film, but don't worry its terribly dubbed for your pleasure!

In a misguided attempt at family fun film one film viewer describes it as "grand in it's disturbing horror". The film revolves around "wiz kid" Bodo who despite his above average intelligence is mercilessly bullied. Eventually to seduce the girlfriend of one of his bullies Bodo clones himself and supposedly madcap comedy ensues (we'll have to see about that).

This Disasterpiece Theatre is at High Energy Vintage, we have limited seating so please RSVP on Facebook or by email if you plan on coming, but please do not if you are not. The RSVP list helps us decide how to setup the space. If the event is at capacity those with an RSVP will be given priority. Disasterpiece Theatre is an adult oriented event and is 21+

Disasterpiece Theatre is a free screening, however donations are encouraged for pizza and refreshments.


Shorts & Dranks - 7:30 PM

Pizza and Feature Presentation - 8:00PM

Hardcore Retro God Game Review - 9:45